2022 Lil Sisters

Our Rollettes Lil Sis are amazing women who have taken a more active role in our Rollettes family and have become leaders in their own communities and respective fields under the care and encouragement of our team. 




Hey babes, I'm Mya. Growing up the things that made me the happiest were dancing, cheering and academics. My nickname was smiley because I've always been extremely enthusiastic (with a nice smile!) 


In 2018 I sustained a spinal cord injury due to gun violence. I'm now a C5 C6 quadriplegic, I say that lightly because resilience is key and that diagnosis does not define me. Not long after I got out of the hospital I was introduced to the Rollettes and got on my first commercial flight after injury to find my tribe at Rollettes experience 2019. I'm so grateful to have an amazing group of women that have been my mentors throughout this journey, and I now get to be there a little sister as a part of the dance team! Being a part of this community has pushed me to do so much. I'm Ms. Wheelchair Illinois 2020/21 and my platform is diversity and representation inclusion.


I'm currently earning my bachelor's degree in criminal justice, my goal is to help out with reform and to continue organizing in my community to create better opportunities for those that need them. I don't think I could have done some of these things without the tools and courage that I have learned through connections with the girls and the Boundless Babe Society!




Hey everyone, I’m Joci from Ohio! I fell in love with performing as early as I could sing along to my favorite cartoons.  Growing up and through college, I participated in various styles of dance, choir, and theater.   I have always loved adventure, whether it be traveling and exploring new places, participating in thrilling land and water sports, or creating fun-filled memories with friends.  I will graduate from Ohio State University in May 2021 with a degree in psychology, and I want to become a trauma therapist! 


I became paralyzed by sustaining a T12 spinal cord injury when my family survived a plane crash in July 2019.  Right away, I knew I didn’t want to be “the girl from the plane crash” and was determined to create the life I had always imagined for myself, whether on my feet or on wheels.  Just days after my two month hospital stay, I found myself back onstage in a community theater production and fast-tracked my way in the art of wheelchair dance.  Since then, I have been motivated to continue doing what I love and to improve representation in entertainment for people with disabilities.  I am so thankful I found the Rollettes, as they are a huge part of the reason why I decided to keep dancing after my accident!




Hi my name is Missie :) I started cheerleading when I was 4 and did it all the way until I was 18, it was my life!

I put cheer aside to focus on college, but still always tumbled and came up with cheer choreo for fun... my bathroom mirror witnessed it’s fair share of dance moves! I also started taking aerial silk classes! 

After I earned my degree and became a diagnostic medical sonographer I started my dream job and got married to my high school sweetheart. One year later I found out I had a tumor in my spine and on June 5, 2019 the surgery to remove it didn’t go as planned. I suffered a spinal cord injury and became a T9 incomplete paraplegic.

While still laying in the hospital I was told about the Rollettes and wanted to go to the Rollettes experience (which was just a few weeks away) ... I didn’t realize just sitting up was going to be hard! 

I have now gained so much strength and courage and I’m ready for this new adventure as a Rollettes lil sis! Turns out It wasn’t cheering that was my life, its being part of a team. I appreciate what the Rollettes and Boundless Babe Society has done for me and I hope I can help bring that much happiness to others.