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2024 Lil Sisters

Our Rollettes Lil Sis are amazing women who have taken a more active role in our Rollettes family and have become leaders in their own communities and respective fields under the care and encouragement of our team. 

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Mya joined the Rollettes as a Lil Sis in 2021. Growing up the things that made her the happiest were dancing, cheering, and academics. Her nickname was smiley because she has always been extremely enthusiastic (with a nice smile!) 


In 2018, she sustained a spinal cord injury due to gun violence, resulting in her becoming a C5/C6 incomplete quadriplegic. Not long after she got out of the hospital, she was introduced to the Rollettes, and got on her first commercial flight after injury to find her tribe at Rollettes Experience 2019. She is so grateful to have an amazing group of women that have been mentors throughout her journey, and for the opportunity to be able to give back to the disability community. Being a part of this community has pushed her confidence forward in so many ways.


In 2020, she created a successful statewide coalition. This year, Mya made the choice to move to Los Angeles from Illinois to further her career. Her goals are to continue to advocate for transformative community health, and diversity, representation and inclusion…creating better opportunities for those that need them. Mya credits God and the Boundless Babe Society as the main tools behind her motivation after injury.



Gloria first became introduced to the Rolletets through social media in 2019. Over the course of a few years, her chronic health conditions caused her to use a wheelchair full-time. Gloria started taking dance classes virtually in 2020, and began to fall in love with dance. She became a Lil Sis in 2022. 


Gloria currently lives on the East coast with her  yorkie. When she isn’t dancing or creating content, she works full time. Gloria has completed her Bachelors In psychology and received a Masters in human services w/ specialization in children and family. She also has a part time job as an adjunct professor in human services. 


Gloria strives to make the world a more inclusive place for everyone by advocating on the many injustices people with disabilities face.



Nikki Is from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. She grew up playing soccer, and dancing. She attended Penn State University, graduating with a degree in Kinesiology and biology, She then attained her certification for Personal Training, through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 


Nikki was in a car accident in 2018 and sustained a T2 incomplete spinal cord injury, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down.  A year after her injury, Nikki attended the virtual Rollettes Experience in 2020, and found her passion in dance again.  She then joined the Boundless Babe Society in 2021, which then pushed her to become recertified as a Personal Trainer.  Nikki became a Rollettes little sister in 2022, as well as started her own company Nikki Walsh Adapt Fit, training wheelchair users to become stronger and more independent!


Other than dancing and working out, Nikki has a passion for nutrition and cooking.  She loves to get creative in the kitchen, finding ways to cook healthy, and delicious meals.  She is a dog mom to an adorable pitbull chihuahua that she rescued. She loves to travel, and spend time with her boyfriend, family and friends.



Denisha is a kind hearted Iowa native who had dreams of serving her country and she wanted to do so by joining the Army right out of highschool but she never made it to basic training. Denisha was shot in her community soon after graduating highschool and incompletely paralyzed from the knees down with a 1% chance of walking again. She decided then, in the midst of all the turmoil, that this new life of hers would be how she serves her country.


With her positive attitude,  grit & her love for others Denisha encourages others to recognize their worth and acknowledge all that they have to offer the world. She has taken action by being a keynote speaker at events throughout Iowa, mentoring at the Boys and Girls club, volunteering throughout Arizona & flying to Costa Rica to aid the teachers with their before & after school children's program.


Denisha is now a Rollettes little sis who hopes to use this platform as a way to express herself through dance, sisterhood and community. In her free time you can catch her sunbathing, shopping or laughing on a Facetime call with her family back home.



Isabel Estrada also known as Izzy is from La Puente, California. She was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta also known as Brittle bone disease. In the year 2012, Izzy was an avid fan of the television program Push Girls and always made it a tradition to watch them dance at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo, and from there she met Chelsie Hill. Once Chelsie started the Rollettes group Izzy was in awe of how they were able to do what she didn’t think was possible for her. All her life she expressed her creativity whether it was through dancing, art, or performing. Unfortunately for her, she had no real community to connect with until the year 2019 when she attended her first Rollettes experience. From that year on Izzy had been participating and signing up for all things in the community, whether it was joining the boundless Babe society, becoming an ambassador, to now getting the opportunity of being a Lil sis! Having this community where she has gained so many amazing friendships helped Izzy come out of her shell. Meeting new people is something she loves to do! With the support she has gained from the community the dreams she never believed were a possibility are slowly coming true!


When she is not with the Rollettes you can find her creating beautiful makeup looks,  painting, or writing creative stories. At the moment Izzy is pursuing the cosmetology field in hopes that one day she can create a makeup brand designed to help the beauty industry be more adaptive for everyone!



Kaylee (she/her) is a dancer on wheels based in Los Angeles. She grew up performing Musical Theatre in the Bay Area and moved to Los Angeles at 17 years old. She studied at The American Music and Dramatic Academy. Kaylee's Disney career began in 2015 as a dancer in parades from 2015-2018. She was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (a multi- systemic connective tissue disorder) in 2018 following her departure from Disney. Just after receiving her diagnosis, she danced on her feet one last time in Spielberg’s movie adaptation of “West Side Story.” She truly believed she’d never return to dance again, but the passion she had for movement never left. While the world locked down due to a global pandemic, Kaylee was learning how to dance from Seated. She figured out ways to expand every movement from online classes while seated. She danced sitting on the floor until 2022 when she received her first wheelchair- a device that would ultimately change her entire life. In July, she went to her first dance class in LA in her wheelchair. From that day on, she knew she was exactly where she was supposed to be. Kaylee now dances professionally from her wheelchair while working to create space for other disabled artists in the media. Her big break came from Jax’s “Victoria’s Secret” flashmob in August of 2022. She recently opened “Rogers the Musical” with Disney Live Entertainment as the first visibly disabled dancer to ever perform on a Disney stage. She’s worked with choreographers including Galen Hooks, Guy Groove, Sam Allen, Sarah Kobayashi, and more. Although she’s danced all her life, she truly feels like she’s dancing for the first time right now. Kaylee hopes that others will feel empowered to expand their own passions in life just as she has expanded dance to work for her. She’s so excited to be joining the Rollettes as a lil sis and finally not be the only one in the room on wheels.

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