These women have created a community that redefines what it means to be strong, female, and resilient. With dance, community outreach, education programs and content creation they dazzle and push the boundaries that others place in the way.
Rollettes Mission Statement:
Women Empowering Women with Disabilities to Live Boundlessly
and Shift Perspectives Through Dance.
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Get to know ChelsieSamStephEdnaMaria, and Conner by clicking their name or picture! 

"This Team, This Sisterhood, Does More then Dance… 
They Support and Inspire to Be Boundless in Life."
                                                                                                 ~ Conner Lundius (Blonde Battling Back)
“Dance is dance… Whether You're Walking or You're Rolling.”  
                                                                                   ~ Chelsie Hill (Founder/Team Director)

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(831) 601-5114

14320 Ventura Blvd #734 

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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