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Our goal is to empower women with disabilities to live boundlessly and shift perspectives globally. 


The Rollettes dance team was created in 2012 by Chelsie Hill because she wanted to meet other women like her and create a space to dance together. These women not only shared a love for dance but they had a strong desire to be a part of a community. Today, Rollettes provides an opportunity for women to be a part of a community that stretches across 20 different countries through our Girl's Nights, dance classes, mentorship program, and women's empowerment weekend - Rollettes Experience


Finding a place to belong in our vast, fast- paced world can feel daunting. We have a few great places to start! Rollettes Experience is our 4-day weekend in July that is all about connection. Meet other amazing wheelchair users and build strong relationships during this women's empowerment event. We also have weekly dance classes that are a great way to connect with other dance lovers from around the world.


If you're looking for a more concentrated community and 1 on 1 support for your goals, our Boundless Babe Society mentorship program could be a great way for you to reach your personal or business goals. 


Check out a few of our favorite routines..

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