Hey babes, I'm Mya. Growing up the things that made me the happiest were dancing, cheering and academics. My nickname was smiley because I've always been extremely enthusiastic (with a nice smile!) 


In 2018 I sustained a spinal cord injury due to gun violence. I'm now a C5 C6 quadriplegic, I say that lightly because resilience is key and that diagnosis does not define me. Not long after I got out of the hospital I was introduced to the Rollettes and got on my first commercial flight after injury to find my tribe at Rollettes experience 2019. I'm so grateful to have an amazing group of women that have been my mentors throughout this journey, and I now get to be there a little sister as a part of the dance team! Being a part of this community has pushed me to do so much. I'm Ms. Wheelchair Illinois 2020/21 and my platform is diversity and representation inclusion.


I'm currently earning my bachelor's degree in criminal justice, my goal is to help out with reform and to continue organizing in my community to create better opportunities for those that need them. I don't think I could have done some of these things without the tools and courage that I have learned through connections with the girls and the Boundless Babe Society!


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