Joci Scott

Hey everyone, I’m Joci from Ohio! I fell in love with performing as early as I could sing along to my favorite cartoons.  Growing up and through college, I participated in various styles of dance, choir, and theater.   I have always loved adventure, whether it be traveling and exploring new places, participating in thrilling land and water sports, or creating fun-filled memories with friends.  I will graduate from Ohio State University in May 2021 with a degree in psychology, and I want to become a trauma therapist! 


I became paralyzed by sustaining a T12 spinal cord injury when my family survived a plane crash in July 2019.  Right away, I knew I didn’t want to be “the girl from the plane crash” and was determined to create the life I had always imagined for myself, whether on my feet or on wheels.  Just days after my two month hospital stay, I found myself back onstage in a community theater production and fast-tracked my way in the art of wheelchair dance.  Since then, I have been motivated to continue doing what I love and to improve representation in entertainment for people with disabilities.  I am so thankful I found the Rollettes, as they are a huge part of the reason why I decided to keep dancing after my accident!